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Mondariz Sparkling Mineral Water 750 ml
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Mondariz Sparkling Mineral Water 750 ml

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Mondariz is synonymous with quality, health and purity. Its 139 years of history underline this. Its a water of weak mineralization that is characterized by its beneficial qualities to health, by its balanced composition and its unique, refined and different taste that is recognized internationally as a result of various certificates and prizes. Aguas de Mondariz's spring belongs to the Red Natura 2 000, a natural space protected with a perimeter of protection of 43 million square metres. Its bubble is smaller than that of all the other sparkling waters, and is what makes the water very nice to drink. Its especially renown for easing digestion and is beneficial for health problems relating to heartburn and difficult digestion. Its consumption with heavy meals is highly recommended, which already has a direct effect on digestion.
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