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Olasagasti Yellow Fin Tuna
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Olasagasti Yellow Fin Tuna

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The Olasagasti was founded in the 1920s and has always followed the artisan methods of traditional fishing and conserving. Olasagasti is the premier fresh tinned seafood manufacturer in Spain. Olasagasti's products are from the Basque region of Spain and this region is world renowned for its amazing quality tuna. Olasagasti uses a light colored olive oil so it will not take away from the taste of the tuna. Its pinky meat is very appreciated mainly because of its delicacy. Due to its light tonality and its velvety texture, the Yellowfin tuna is placed in a intermediate level between the White tuna and the Bluefin tuna. Its wonderful in salads, as well as in all kinds of tapas or appetizers, etc.
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