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Vinchy Catalan 1L
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Vinchy Catalan 1L

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The most recognized mineral water from Spain. Vichy Catalan is a very high mineral content water with natural carbonation. The water is also very high in Sodium and Bicarbonates (advantages for digestion) and low in Calcium and Magnesium for such a high mineral content water. Remains from prehistory and from Roman times indicate that the area around Caldes de Malavella had been continuously inhabited up to today. There is no doubt that the surfacing of hot thermal water has been the main attraction of the area. The bottling of Vichy Catalan started in 1889 and soon a spa was erected to accommodate the many visitors wanting “to take to the waters”. Hot, effervescent water is bubbling from many sources in the area. All springs are coming from the same aquifer but with slightly different mineral compositions. The source for Vichy Catalan has been capped and water and gas is collected separately. The water is allowed to cool and the gas is then re-injected just prior to bottling .
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